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North Dorchester Skating Club Since 1976 North Dorchester Skating Club 205 Huntington Crescent Dorchester, Ontario, N0L 1G3 Mail: generalndsc@gmail.com


We have many activities for anyone looking to volunteer. Whether it be for high school hours or you just want to get involved, we have something for everyone!

Join our Board of Directors:

Have your say and help us run this amazing club. Without volunteers like you, we would not be able to have a skating club in Dorchester. We have one meeting a month during the skating season and there are various roles available.

Have skating abilities?

Why not become a Program Assistant! We are looking for helpers for each Canskate session to come out and assist all the skaters on the ice. The $44 Skate Canada fee must be paid for this role.


Each season we hold a year end skating Carnival and we have many volunteer options during this event, from dressing room helpers (police check must be completed for this role) to helping the photographer with groups, selling flowers and balloons to selling tickets at the door. We have a wide variety of roles for you!