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North Dorchester Skating Club Since 1976 North Dorchester Skating Club 205 Huntington Crescent Dorchester, Ontario, N0L 1G3 Mail: generalndsc@gmail.com Fundraising Bingo Sessions and Dates All Bingo sessions are held at the: Bingo Forest City Bingo Country 1106 Dearness Drive, London (519) 685-2730 To get the details of our  RAFFLE  Click Here

Raffle tickets are due back by November 10th, 2022

Draw will be held on Monday November 14th, 2022 @ 7:30pm via Facebook Live


Wed Aug 11th, 2021 7pm-10pm

Sun Sept 12th, 2021 7pm-10pm

For information on bingos, please contact Kori Garside at kori.garside@live.ca